【「spohabi」Press release on additional features】
spohabi, an online membership management system that makes tennis school operations smarter, has advanced the UI and UX of the system by additional operational dashboard features and upgraded calendar features.



スポーツを楽しむすべての人へ ITソリューションを提供するCREFIL株式会社は、同社が提供するテニススクール向けオンライン会員管理システム「spohabi」(以下: スポハビ) において、スクールの売上・会員数といった運営状況を可視化するダッシュボード機能の搭載、管理画面にあるスケジュール機能のUI・UXの向上を行いました。今回のアップデートにより、前年同月比の売上や会員数の状況確認・顧客に合わせたレッスンの準備や対応を効率的に行うことができます。


「spohabi」Press release issued.

CREFIL Inc., a provider of IT solutions for all people who enjoy sports, has upgraded its online membership management system for schools, "spohabi", by adding dashboard features to visualize the operational status of the school, such as sales and membership numbers and redesigning calendar features.

With these updates, users can check the status of sales and membership compared to the same month of the previous year, and those make preparation for lessons and customer supports more efficiently.